Friday, February 1, 2013

Second Hand News

Do you ever wonder if God likes to play with us?
My Ya Yas and I are doing a photo challenge using a picture to describe a song title. I decided to show my hand giving a newspaper to someone else’s hand as a clue to the song “Second Hand News” by Fleetwood Mac. I sent my hubby to the store not knowing my plans, with the instructions to get me a paper, any kind I didn’t care. I had to laugh when he returned with this…
An artful rendition of the cover for Rumours album
that featured “Second Hand News” on the first track

 I do think God likes to play with us. He likes to bless us when we are not expecting it. Big miracle or tiny surprise He enjoys watching us pay attention, to laugh to smile, to praise him for gifts of all sizes.

A few summers ago at the family yard sale I was pricing items from my Grandma's house after her death. Coming across a small red binder of loose leaf blank paper, I was about to set it in the free box when it opened to some writing. Randomly spread amongst numerous blank pages I found three pages containing songs, a poem and this note by our sweet 
Susanna Elana. 

    Yes dear grandma, praise long and lengthy, for gifts great and small.

I love hearing about prayers answered or signs and wonders experienced by others. I smile and might even stop for a moment to comment or give praise. But I can’t help but ponder how many playful surprises or awesome wonders I miss every day that are just there at my fingertips, at hand not second hand.
Grasping the Kingdom: The Greek word eggizō , Strongs # 1448  is used 63 times in the KJV by Jesus and New Testament writers speaking of things near, within a hand’s reach "at hand"


Eve said...

That's my girl. Gotta love that Greek. Mom

Tink said... a text arriving at just the exact moment you need someone!!! Mwah!!